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"Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God."

                     ~Leo Buscaglia

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AACO is currently working with community partners to assist individuals who have recently been released from incarsaration. If there are any agencies out there that can contribute to these individuals success please reach out to us to join our Re-entry Committee.

All Clients fill out the following:

If child is age 3-11 fill out the following:

If child is between 12-17 child fills out and sign the following:

Adult only form:

Additional forms if this is for a couple:

Angel Arms Counseling & Outreach, Inc.

                                 No Judgements...allow us to help  you find the path to peace.

Consistency and communication is key. Children love structure and want to know that you care enough to watch what they are doing. Our children are our most prized things in our lives yet we don't eat dinner with them, or take time to ask what is wrong and conversate....but look how much time we spend looking at the tv and our phones. We need to wake up and love our children again.